Sat, Oct

U.S Confirms Participation In Key Peace Talks Meeting


kirbyU.S State Department spokesman John Kirby has confirmed the United States' participation in the upcoming quadrilateral meeting next week between Afghanistan, China, U.S and Pakistan to map out the way forward for peace talks with the Taliban.

He also confirmed that the Taliban will not attend this meeting.

"We plan to participate in this quadrilateral meeting next week. No Taliban are going to be participating in this coordination meeting," he said.

Kirby added: "It's aimed at coordinating Afghan, Pakistani, Chinese, and U.S efforts to set the conditions for peace in Afghanistan."

He said the meeting will be "an opportunity to further our partnership with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China in support of an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned reconciliation, which is what we've said all along we want to see."

Kirby went on to say that the meeting is a significant follow-up to the Heart of Asia discussions late last year. However, he said he was not able to identify or confirm the U.S delegation that will take part in next week's discussions.