Wed, Oct

NATO Chiefs of Defence stress support for Afghan forces



The Chiefs of Defence of the NATO-member countries, during a meeting on Thursday stressed on the continued support with Afghan security forces in Afghanistan.

They reviewed the RESOLUTE SUPPORT (RS) Mission in Afghanistan during the day-long meeting and discussed NATO’s future strategy, posture and adaptation. The officials also exchanged views regarding the improvement of security situation in the region and military cooperation with their allies, NATO said in a statement.During the RESOLUTE SUPPORT Session, the 28 Chiefs of Defence took the opportunity to commend and stress their continued support to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF), review ongoing challenges and lay the groundwork for the way ahead in 2016, the statement added."These frank discussions will provide additional guidance for the months ahead, in light of the challenging security environment and the fast approaching Warsaw Summit in July", General Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, emphasised during his press conference.The year 2015 was a challenging year for the ANDSF, however they had demonstrated resilience and courage in combating the insurgency across the country, he said while recommended pursuing the ongoing efforts based on conditions on the ground.“It is important to gain a better regional understanding and situational awareness, but we also need to further enhance practical military cooperation tailored to the individual needs of the nations and of NATO”, the Chairman concluded.