Mon, Oct

ANA operations in last 24 hours: MOD


203-thunder-corpsIn the last 24 hours, as a result of ANA joint clearance operations, 35 armed insurgents were killed, seven wounded and six other were arrested different districts of Afghanistan.

These operations were conducted in Acheen, Behsoud and Deh Bala districts of Nangarhar, Capital city of Paktya, Tagab district of Badakhshan, Nawa, Khanesheen and Capital city of Helmand province.
During these operations dozen of various improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were discovered and destroyed and some weapons and ammunitions were confiscated.
Two Afghan National Army (ANA) brave personnel were martyred by the enemies roadside IEDs and heavy weapons attack. May almighty and merciful Allah grant them heaven.
Afghan National Army as National Defense Forces for the protection of people‘s lives and properties and for defeating and eradicating terror groups, will fight the enemies vigorously and are ready to give scarifies for bringing lasting peace and stability to people.
While insurgents spare no efforts in killing of innocent civilians and causing atrocities and bloodshed.
We will respond to war with war, without forgetting the sacred duty of bringing peace.