Tue, Oct

Inauguration of Development Projects in Parwan


mrrdDuring a recent visit to Parwan province, H.E. Eng. Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), inaugurated and handed-over 110 public utility projects.

These projects have been completed through the National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (NSP/MRRD) in the sectors of transportation, water supply, sanitation, education, rural livelihood and irrigation. The projects have been completed at a sum of more than AFN 209 million and 417 thousand. Upon the implementation of these uplift projects approximately, 137,891 rural people have gained access to employment opportunities.

Out of these projects, 79 have been completed in the provincial capital Charikar and 31 other in Salang district of Parwan province. The completion of these public utility projects has helped 23,924 rural households gain access to basic services.

Addressing those at the inauguration ceremony Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani said,”The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has implemented public utility projects in accordance with the balanced development policy. The MRRD always seeks to attract financial and technical support from the donor resources for further accelerating the rural development process. Local authorities are requested to not interfere during projects’ implementation; they are required to enhance their cooperation with the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Directorate in Parwan to support rural development across the province.“

Taking into account the lack of safe drinking water as the major problem of rural residents in Parwan province, the MRRD Minister underscored that the activities will be doubled in this area and a survey team will be soon dispatched to Parwan province.