Thu, Oct

Germany Will Stand By Afghanistan: German Minister


GermaneyThe German Minister of Interior, Thomas de Maizière, vowed that his country will continue its support to Afghanistan.

In an interview with TOLOnews, he said that despite ongoing fighting, Afghanistan should talk peace with the Taliban. He believes that militants have not made tangible achievements in Afghanistan and said the collapse of Kunduz city did not indicate a weakness on the part of security forces, but weakness of the individuals in the province. He said terrorists have even reached the back doors of European countries. He stressed that the world should remain committed to the war on terror. The German minister was optimistic about the peace process and said that peace negotiations will yield a result. "It is not our job to fight against the Taliban. It's the job of the Afghan authorities, but we will support, assist and train, and this has to be accompanied by the political talks, the reconciliation talks, then together fight and talk could be a solution," said de Maizière. German troops were mostly stationed in northern Afghanistan and the collapse of Kunduz city to the Taliban was shocking for the country, he said. The country spends $200 million USD in different areas in Afghanistan. Most of the economic projects of Germany are focused on Kunduz province, he added. "We need the Afghan people to join the police, to join the armed forces. Kunduz was not in a way a sign of failure of the mission, it was the failure of some people who were in there, so the armed forces were not ready to fight at this point; they did it two weeks later," he said. De Maizière urged Afghans to protect the achievements of the past 14 years. He said the Taliban controls few districts in Afghanistan and stressed that the people and government of Afghanistan should not be pessimistic about the future of their country.