Sun, Oct

Success On The Battle Field And In Politics Will Be Ours: Ghani


GhaniSpeaking at the Afghanistan Air Force (AAF) readiness performance program on Thursday, President Ashraf Ghani said that success on the battle fields and in politics will be achieved by the Afghanistan government.

"The peace message is clear - but peace with dignity and in protecting the rights of citizens. ‎We will achieve peace on both the battle field and the political field," said Ghani. Meanwhile Ghani called for the continuation of investments in the country's air sector and said that those who will not accept peace will be marginalized. Ghani also spoke about rebuilding of the country's air force by way of getting new equipment. "Today the first instruments of the air force will be shown to you and the remaining instruments are ahead of us," said Ghani. Recently US delivered four Super Tucano attack planes to Afghan Forces and it is expected that 16 other attack aircrafts will be delivered soon to Afghan Air Forces (AAF). "The technology used in F16 has been also used in Tucano aircrafts and the aircrafts are able to day and night conduct attacks from the air," said Abdul Wahab Wardak an air force commander. Ghani once again assured people that their hope for security will be changed to a reality. "Our citizen's hope is security, stability and living with prosperity, which will be achieved," said Ghani. Ghani assured government forces that their sacrifices will not be ignored in the political field.