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Ready to serve in the Afghan Special Police Forces


women-special-forces117 Afghan Special Forces (ASF) including 23 women, graduated from Afghanistan Special Force Training Centre (ASFTC) on Nov. 4, 2015. The graduates will be deployed to different provinces to sustain peace and security for the nation.

Brigadier-General Sayed Mohammad Roshandil, the operations commander of the Police Special Unit, congratulated the graduates and said that the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) are becoming a modern force. "Participation of women in the ASF shows their courage and commitment in keeping peace and security in the country," he said. "I am proud to see they are standing side by side with their brothers as well as for their courage and bravery," Brig. Gen. Roshandil stated in the graduation ceremony.
Colonel Mirwais Afzali, the commander of the ASFTC, said to Sade-e-Azadi magazine, "We are honoured that we can train the Police Special Unit’s skills to women for the first time since the establishment of this centre in 1390."
Women in ASFTC are taking basic and specialised training courses through learning law, clearing houses, shooting and using different military tactics and equipment. All facilities such as separate accommodations, dining facilities, class rooms, gym and equipment are provided for women.
Continued training by national and international trainers and advisers is a part of the professionalism of our special force.
Major Farida Akbari, deputy Human Rights officer of the Police Special Unit said, “I observed the situations of women from all aspects of the special police forces and I found that in spite of some challenges, they continue to do their jobs with confidence. I call on women to join the Police Special Unit and stand beside us to serve our people," she added.
2nd Lieutenant Halima, chief of Police Special Unit Council, has been involved in more than 200 operations. "Eagerly and bravely I want to take part in day and night operations," she said. "I am happy to be here because training enables me to be more successful in my job," said 2nd Lt. Halima.
There is a need for female doctors, teachers, and nurses as well as female police. Toba, one of the graduates, said that women should believe in their power and find their way and position like men in society. She added, "Finally I finished the training, I am so happy and proud to be a member of the Police Special Unit to serve my country and support my family."
Working in the Police Special Units is a unique task, Roya Haidarzada, a commander in the unit said, "I chose this job to show the power of Afghan women and I work shoulder to shoulder with our Afghan brothers to defend the integrity and sovereignty of Afghanistan. “I will serve the nation till my last breath," she stated.