Tue, Oct

MoF Collects 1.5b Afs From Telecom Tax


telephoneThe Ministry of Finance (MoF) on Thursday said it has collected at least 1.5 billion Afghanis from the 10 percent tax imposed on telecommunication services over the past seven months.

According to the ministry, the money will be invested in upliftment projects through the national budget. The ministry expects to make four billion Afghanis during the next solar year – from the telecom tax.

"The money which we receive from the telecom services tax becomes part of the national budget of Afghanistan and will be spent, based on priorities, on services for the people," MoF spokesman Ajmal Hamid Abdulrahimzai.

Meanwhile, analysts urged government to use the money in accordance with a transparent process.

"It would be better if they [government] spend the money on public utility projects and establishments, for instance education, schools and so on," said university lecturer Sayed Massoud.

He added: "Besides that, the money should be spent on increasing the income of government officials. This will lead to the increasing of the level of expenses in the country."

Another university lecturer and analyst in economic affairs, Hasib Moahid, meanwhile stated that the money should be spent through a serious and transparent process.

"The money which is collected from mobile taxes should be sent to the parliament and the parliament should decide where to spend it," he added.

The analysts also said that they are concerned about the lack of a transparent process for collecting the telecom tax and that government needs to address this issue.