Sat, Oct

Dand-e-Ghori Cleared Of Taliban: Official


ana-operationAfghan security forces have said that they have cleared Dand-e-Ghori in Baghlan of Taliban militants.

They also claim to have inflicted heavy casualties on the Taliban during the Khurshid 20 military operation.
General Gholam Farooq Ahmadi, the commander of the second brigade of Afghan army in Baghlan said that 336 rebels have been killed, while 258 others wounded.

Ahmadi said that they have repelled all security threats in Dand-e-Ghori.
He added that it has been 50 days of fighting between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban in Dand-e-Ghori, Dand-e-Shahbuddin, and Baghlan Markzai areas of Baghlan province.
However, it has been nine months that Dand-e-Ghori has been under the Taliban's control.
"Security forces managed to clear the area with bravery and sacrifices. They have inflected heavy losses on the Taliban militants," he said.

Arab Tapa, Niazullah, Darqad and Afghan Tapa were the strongholds of the Taliban in Dand-e-Ghori, which are now under the government's control.
Ahmadi said that the Taliban fought against security forces for several days from these strongholds, they killed nine army troops, but were eventually defeated.
The Taliban has now fled to Bibi Gahwara Mountains, which share a border with Samangan province.
"The enemies had created obstacles in Arab Tapa area to hinder the progress of Afghan security forces. However, our brave and alert forces— national police, national army and commandos - managed to break the enemy's front line and move forward to Afghan Tapa," said Abdul Latif, another army commander in the province.
Abdul Rahim, an army soldier, who has recently returned from war to his base, said that they are ready to defend their soil.
Abdul Jabar, a resident of the area, whose house was damaged in the war, said that he along with his family left the area during the war in Pul-e-Khumri, the center of Baghlan.
"Here the Taliban had a stronghold. It was hard to stay here. We had no other way, but to leave this area," he said, while pointing at his house.
He was glad to be able to return to his house, but said that he doesn't have enough money to reconstruct it.