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Rehab Center Using New Technique To Treat Addicts


Rehab-centreA drug rehabilitation center in Afghanistan is using new in-house techniques to treat drug addicts.

Officials at the center said that one of the new ways for rehabilitation of drug addicts is 'in-house medication'.

They added that they are using new effective drug rehabilitation techniques in order to prevent them from relapsing.

Self-treatment, in-house medication, treatment in rehabilitation centers and treatment in cooperation with people are the techniques that Nejat Center is utilizing to rehabilitate drug addicts.

"We have new methods to treat drug addicts in here, and then they reunite with their families. Their families cooperate with us and we show them some methods to help them quit drugs," said Mohammad Qasem Zamani, executive director of the center.

As many as three million people are believed to be using drugs in Afghanistan.

"I told myself that I will use drugs just today and will quit them tomorrow. Tomorrow, when I come back I used them again and this continued," said Ahmad Jawed, a drug addict.

Zia, another addict, said that he has a family and has three children and he has used drugs for 16 years.

The center is also treating female drug addicts.

Samira, 32, who is from Iran, and has a BA degree, was referred to the center for help. Those who know her say that she can also recite the Holy Quran.

Telling her story of addiction and how she came to Afghanistan, Samira said: "After 10 years of marriage with an Afghan I came to Afghanistan. I am from Iran my husband was from Ghurband."

Samira's husband was killed in a suicide attack and after that she also lost her one-year-old daughter. She became a drug addict to avoid her heartache.

She now lives with her two sons and says that to pay the rent of her house she is teaching Holly Quran and other subjects.