Thu, Oct

A dedicated motive


a-Dedicated-motive-1According to the Afghan National Army (ANA) officials, record numbers of future guardians of the nation are joining the security forces. They are motivated to defend their homes, families, religion and their country while the ANA is offering them a promising career and a secure future with many benefits for the members and their families.

The ANA's recruiting commander in Balkh province, Colonel Farid Ahmad Asia, believes adherence to the principles of Islam and the values uniting the Afghan people are a key motivator for recruits. "After the attack on the civilians in Kunduz, many youth who have come to join the ANA said they wanted to defend peace and stability, and prevent any return of the insurgents to their communities. It is very clear that attacking civilians is against our religion, so I'm not surprised to see the bravery of our people in response to the insurgents' atrocities," he said.

The Colonel explained that each month, more than 300 individuals are joining the security forces. "We see many recruits motivated by dedication to their country and to provide a stable life for their families. No matter their motivation to join, each recruit recognizes there is no stability without security and the ANA leads the fight for peace in our nation."

Aynullah, a recruit from Jawzjan province who came to join the ANA, said he cannot stay by and watch terrorists perpetrate their crimes. "I believe that my country is developing and will continue to modernize. However, there are enemies of progress wishing to destroy the dream of each Afghan. I have come to serve and defeat the enemies of Afghanistan, no matter if they belong to the Taliban or anyone else," he said.


Karimullah patiently stands outside the ANA recruiting centre, anxious to join the ANA. He said, "I want to become an officer and lead my countrymen. I have come here to be a professional and fight against the sworn enemies of Afghanistan. I will never give up, but instead will stand against anyone wishing to steal the hope, peace and livelihood of our people."

Colonel Farid Ahmad Asia said he was excited to explain all the benefits to the young recruits outside his ANA Recruiting Centre. "Since 2001, this centre has had thousands of young heroes, each ready to sacrifice themselves for their families, their nation and each other. We should all take pride at the bravery embodied by these recruits," he said. "The sons and daughters of Afghanistan are answering the call."