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Afghanistan’s new defence and security buildings


new-MoD-buildingAfghanistan's Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) have new modern homes.

The President of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA), M. Ashraf Ghani in the presence the commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support mission and US forces in Afghanistan Gen. John F. Campbell, inaugurated the two newly built facilities in separate ceremonies attended by a number of high-level officials.

Based on the design of the Pentagon, the new MOD five-story building is a world-class facility caters for all the needs of a modern defence organisation.

In his address to the MOD inauguration ceremony, President Ghani thanked the government of the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany for funding the project that started in 2009. "This is proof of a true friendship," the President said. "They helped us when we needed it."

President Ghani further added that the new building would help strengthen, improve and professionalize the Afghan Defence Forces and provide them facilities of higher quality at the regional level. "International community had close cooperation with Afghanistan to achieve common goals and serve mutual interests," he said.

The 34-metre high building has 750 rooms, 340 offices, three lobbies, a conference hall, health clinics, military courts, fire brigade and offices for nearly 3,000 employees of the ministry. The dining facility caters for 1,000 people and the auditorium can accommodate more than 900.

While praising the ANDSF for their services, the President said that we owe security in most parts of our country to the sacrifices of our soldiers in the battlefield. "The Afghan National Army as a symbol of unity maintains high morale. The President hailed the men and women in uniform for preserving the integrity and the sovereignty of the country despite the challenges.

Acting Defense Minister Masoom Stanikzai also addressed the ceremony and thanked the international community for their continued support. "With the assistance of our partners, we overcome challenges as we improve and equip our forces further. "As we enter the new MOD building, it gives us the impression of a modern force in the world," Mr. Stanikzai said.

President Ghani also inaugurated the newly-constructed building for the Ministry of Interior. "The new facility will provide all the necessary standards of a law enforcement ministry," he said. "I look forward that the new MOI facilities will be the core of implementing the rule of law in our country."

At the meantime, Mr. Noorulhaq Ulomi the MOI thanked the international community for facilitating the needs of the ANDSF. "The new MOI, a modern facility occupies 183 acres of land and with the cost of 210 million US dollars was funded by the United States government, is five times the size of the current building will be ready for use at the end of March this year," he said.