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Call 119! Your identity is protected


119-policeThe 119 police number continues to become a useful tool in preventing crime and insurgent activities. People across the country can report suspicious activities to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) by dialling the 24-hour service.

According to the Afghan National Police (ANP) reports, hundreds of crimes and violent acts of insurgents have been prevented through the people's cooperation dialling the 119 police number.

Talking to Sada e Azadi, General Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, Chief of Police in Parwan province explained the impact of the 119 in police's success. "Whenever people notice suspicious individuals and activities, they ring up 119, the ANP is immediately alerted and begin their operation," Gen. Mamozai said thanking the people. "We have conveyed to the public, and I assured them again, that their identity will be protected when they call the 119 number."

People's support and cooperation are playing a crucial role in maintaining peace and security. The ANDSF, including the ANP, continue their efforts to improve their relationship with the people.

Gen. Mamozai urges the people especially in Parwan province, to call 119 not only to report crimes and suspicious activities, but also to report misbehaving ANP members. "We want to improve our forces to be professionals in serving the country and protecting our people," he said. "The 119 police number was created to establish a connection between the population and the ANDSF. Police are at the service of the people."