Sat, Oct

Weapons seized,lives saved


weapon-siezed-lives-savedDuring the recent operations in Nangarhar province, the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) seized more than 400 weapons and explosives from the insurgents and handed them to the Disarmament of Illegal Armed Groups’ (DIAG) officials in a ceremony.

While speaking to the media, the Nangarhar Police Chief, General Fazal Ahmad Shirzad expressed gratitude for the ANDSF's continuous efforts in suppressing the insurgents through joint military operations. "1600 insurgents have been killed, 600 others wounded and more than 600 were arrested by our brave ANDSF," Gen. Shirzad said. "The arrested insurgents were handed over to the justice system as well as the confiscated weapons, including RPGs, AK47s, pistols, communication devices, and explosives to the DIAG."

The ANDSF including the Afghan Local Police (ALP), the Afghan Border Police (ABP) and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) are implementing security plans in coordination with the community elders in the provincial districts. Pleased communities support the ANDSF in their efforts that result in a safer and more secure place for their families, according to the communities’ representatives.

Dost Mohammad, a tribal elder present at the ceremony along with elders from Achin, Kot, Chaprahar and other districts, insisted that the cooperation of local people strengthen the ANDSF in ensuring security. "People and the ANDSF both understand that cooperation and support are essential in security and development of our country.

Our ANDSF seized a large number of weapons and explosives that the insurgents wanted to use to kill our innocent people and make our lives miserable," he explained. "By supporting our ANDSF, we can all contribute to improving the security situation and provide a safe environment for our families to have a normal life and for our children to go to school."