Tue, Oct

Foreign Minister Meets with the Ambassador of Turkey to Kabul


afghani-foriegn-minister-meet-Turky-delagationForeign Minister H.E Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kabul Mr. Ali Sait Akin in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this Afternoon.

They talked about the meetings of Foreign Ministers Council and the Islamic Cooperation Organization, which are going to be held during this week in Istanbul. Likewise, they discussed efforts for the achievements of the aforementioned meetings for the benefit of the Islamic Umma unity and solving problems in the Islamic societies.
During this meeting they also focused on the issue of refugees, who are sent to Turkey based on the recent agreement of European countries and the Republic of Turkey. Foreign Minister said that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes those citizens who voluntarily returns to Afghanistan with open arms, but does not agree with ousting them forcefully by host countries.