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Earthquake Victim's Family Calls For Awareness Programs At Schools



The family of a student injured in Sunday's earthquake urged the Ministry of Education (MoE) to launch awareness programs at schools to reduce risks in the event of natural disasters.

Khadija, 11, a student of Zarghuna High School said that she was injured in a stampede triggered by the earthquake.Education institutes, particularly schools, around the globe are places where students learn about risk reduction techniques during earthquakes and other natural disasters, said the family."Students should be at least taught how to protect themselves during earthquakes or fire. They should build safe rooms in order to take students for their protection," said Khadija's father."We have programs to raise awareness by our students about different issues on a weekly basis, whether they are natural disasters or other issues," said Nasrin Noorzai, principle of the school.Sunday's earthquake struck Afghanistan on Sunday afternoon and measured 6.6 magnitude.Lack of awareness is considered as one of the main reasons behind casualties during natural disasters.