Thu, Oct

Daesh Losing Territory in Afghanistan : NATO Alliance


Daesh-flagThe North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said Friday that the Afghan, U.S and NATO forces in Afghanistan will deliver a lasting defeat to Daesh amid the recent victories made by the Afghan and foreign forces against the group in several fronts across the country.

The alliance meanwhile has hailed the recent victories made by the Afghan troops and their foreign counterparts against Daesh in Afghanistan, stressing that Daesh is losing ground in the country.
U.S, NATO and Afghan troops are winning against Daesh in the battlefield and the insurgent group has lost large parts of its territories in the country particularly in the eastern province of Nangarhar, said Brigadier General Charles Cleveland, spokesman for NATO and U.S forces in Afghanistan.
He said that a 100 air strikes were carried out against Daesh over the past three months.
Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that a stable Afghanistan is in the interests of world peace and security.
According to Cleveland, Daesh had seized six to eight districts across Afghanistan, but now the group controls only two or three districts and Daesh fighters are now on the run toward Kunar and Nuristan provinces bordering Pakistan.
He said that Afghan forces are now on the offensive.
"Hence what I want to try to do is a kind of comprehensive overview of how we see the threat as well as what we are doing from a mission standpoint and the purpose of all that really established a kind of starting point and kind of baseline.
U.S forces in Afghanistan continue to have a mission to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaeda and so do we have the authority to target any al-Qaeda member. In January, of course that authority or the authority for the U.S forces Afghanistan to begin targeting ISIS (Daesh) was also provided," he said.
Cleveland said that the Afghan forces are trying to take the fight to the enemy and that already there are indicators of that.
"They are trying to take the fight to the enemy. So we have already seen indicators of that and evidence of that. We have seen them engaging up in northeastern Kunduz and engaging the Taliban there. We have seen them begin to reestablish their presence in Helmand and we have seen them on the offense particularly trying to clear some areas on the eastern part of Helmand," he added.
In addition to this, Cameron in a meeting with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the NATO mission in Afghanistan needed to ensure international peace and stability.
US statistics reveal that 1,000 to 3,000 Daesh fighters operate in Afghanistan.