Mon, Oct

US, Afghanistan Urge Taliban to Endorse Peace or Face Action


The U.S and Afghan governments have asked the Taliban movement to join the peace talks process in a move to restore sustainable peace in the country.

afg-usHowever, the two allies have warned the group against opting for war and rejecting peace.
While the resurgent Taliban look to continue waging war against the Afghan and U.S troops, the U.S State Department spokesman John Kirby on Friday expressed hope that the group will consider peace with the government in Kabul.
"The Taliban members are not going to renounce that, association with terrorism and continue to pose a threat to either Afghan people or American troops or NATO troops over there, they will face the consequences of that, they will be targeted, they can be targeted, if they are going to pose kind of a threat and conduct kinds of attacks, there is no tolerance for the Taliban in the way you describe it. What we want to see is support for an Afghan-led reconciliation process," he said.
"The peace is an opportunity for all those who have become the tools for the foreigners. Taliban must realize the fact they cannot reach their objectives by opting for insurgency and they will not be able to take over power again," Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the ministry of interior said.
This comes a day after the government assured the nation that security forces will be more effective against insurgents from now on following the implementation of the five-year security and defense strategy.
Officials have said the strategy also defines the terms friends and enemies.
The Presidential Palace said that the strategy contains plans for enhancing the capacity of Afghan forces and it also explains ways to put more pressure on militants.
"The government has plans in place for military operations to put pressure and this security defense strategy has also assessed the capacity of Afghan security forces," said Dawa Khan Menapal, a deputy spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday.