Tue, Oct

Chief Justice Seeks Women Judges' Anti-Graft Support


The Chief Justice of Afghanistan, Sayed Yousuf Halim, has appealed to women judges to help fight corruption in the country.

women-judgeDuring his inauguration, President Ashraf Ghani pledged to fight corruption in judicial organizations.

But more than 18 months later, since the National Unity Government (NUG) came to power, corruption within the country and in the judicial system is still widespread.

Talking at the third session of the Afghan Women Judges' Association (AWJA), Halim said that corruption is a shame that irks people of Afghanistan and the international community. He admitted that there is also corruption in the judicial system of Afghanistan and he asked the female judges to cooperate with the Supreme Court in the fight against corruption.

The First Lady Rula Ghani also spoke at the event and stressed the need for rule of law and the fight against violence against women.

"Other steps to be taken for social stability is uprooting violence, which will increase hopes for the future," she said.

AWJA is a working unit of the Supreme Court, which was established about three years ago.