Sat, Oct

Afghan Forces Retake Taliban-Held Chahar Dara District In Kunduz


patrol-mountainAfghan government forces have entered the Chahar dara district of the volatile province of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan and have retaken the district after fully expelling Taliban fighters from the strategic town.

On Friday, senior Afghan National Army (ANA) officials reported that pro-government forces managed to elicit a heavy death toll to the Taliban during the military campaign with several key Taliban commanders gunned down by security forces.
They said that Afghan troops also confiscated a large cache of ammunition and weapons from the militants.
Meanwhile, Kunduz police announced that several top Taliban commanders were eliminated during the battles.
Strategically located in the gateway of the north, the district used to be the group's main military stronghold. Last year Taliban launched an offensive on Kunduz city from the same district that led to the dramatic fall of the city to the resurgent movement.
But the fall of Kunduz sparked strong reaction with many people blaming poor leadership of the war for the crisis.
Military experts however believe that the latest recapture of the town is a milestone toward curbing the advance of Taliban insurgency in the area that has been witness to heavy clashes since last year.
"The operation was launched after conducting a precise and accurate planning. House to house searches and clearance operations were conducted during the military campaign in Kharoti, Zahir Kamar, Hajji Amanullah and Zadaran villages onward to areas of Omarkhail village. The operation was conducted perfectly and on the basis of planning," general Amanullah Mobin, the commander of an ANA commando unit in the northeast said.
At least 100 Taliban fighters were killed and wounded during the operation including several key Taliban commanders.
"Several Taliban military commanders including Shah Wali known as Zadran were killed in the operation," Kunduz police chief Mohammad Qaseem Jangal Bagh said.
"Taliban's Omari operation has been defeated, therefore they announced Azam operation and brought them to their knees," commander of 20th Pamir Army Unit, Muhaiuddin Ghori said.
Meanwhile, residents in Chahar Dara have asked the Afghan security institutions to take necessary measures for the protection of the district from the Taliban so that the district is no longer a place for militants.