Sat, Oct

Provincial Health Budget Plan Approved


mophThe Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday reported that cabinet has approved the much-awaited provincial health budget plan.

Health directors from all provinces will discuss the plan at a three-day seminar in Kabul in the near future, the MoPH said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Jawad Osmani, head of the admin and finance department at MoPH said the budget plan has been finalized after a delay of two years. He said that persistent delays for approving the plan have delayed the spending of $17 million USD which had been allocated for capacity building at the health directorates in the provinces across the country.

"Health services are provided in various provinces through provincial health directorates and health institutions in cooperation with the ministry of health. But the budget is aimed to boost the capacities of health directorates in 34 provinces of Afghanistan," Osmani said.

Health officials from 34 provinces are expected to attend a three-day seminar in which they will discuss the professional utilization of the budget. According to the plan, $500,000 USD will be allocated to each province.

"It will boost the capacity of health directors in the provinces. This enables them to come up with more energy and better management while providing health services and to develop the health system in the provinces," said Faraidoon, head of Jawzjan health department.

"Satisfactory health services are being provide in at least 28 districts of Badakhshan province, we face challenges only in a few districts," said Noor Khawari head of Balkh health department.

In addition, a number of health officials have said that nepotism and exploitation of the recruitment process has created major problems within the health management system at the ministry of public health.

"Powerful people try to recruit their own relatives to a post. But our demand is that recruitment should be on the basis of qualifications and professional people must be appointed for the jobs, otherwise the country will not develop," Noor Ahmad Sherzad, head of Nimroz health department said.