Thu, Oct

Afghanistan, China To Sign Security, Economic Agreements


Afghanistan-china-will-sign-agreementsSenior officials from Kabul and the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Yao Jing, said after a joint seminar on "One Road One Belt" in Kabul on Sunday the two countries will sign agreements on security and economic cooperation in the near future.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai said that big projects, particularly the reconstruction of the Silk Road, will be crucial for transit and trade in Asia, as well as for enhancing cooperation among the regional countries.

"If the idea of One Belt One Road can be successfully implemented, it would open up the old economic routes in Asia. Afghanistan as an ancient economic artery of the Silk Road, puts interconnection and relationships of trade and investment through the region as its top foreign policy priority," Karzai said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador called for the implementation of big economic and infrastructure projects between Afghanistan and China, and said a railroad would soon be built between the two countries.

"During the forthcoming visit, I think that both leaders will have an in-depth discussion on how to further our cooperation in other fields; in the economy, in the security, in the politics as well as in the international issues. One of the major outcomes is that government to government MoU cooperation under the initiative of 'One Belt and One Road'," the Chinese envoy said.

Former ambassador of Afghanistan to China, Sultan Ahmad Bahin, meanwhile termed China's role important for Afghanistan.

"China's role is important for Afghanistan's peace, reconstruction and other sectors. It is also important for Chinese people, as their country is one of the biggest economic countries in the world. A more secure region will be crucial for further development of that country," he added.