Mon, Oct

CEO Introduces NDS and MoD Care-Takers


MoD-and-NDS-introducedChief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday introduced National Directorate Of Security (NDS) care-taker chief and Ministry of Defense (MoD) care-taker and called on them to increase efforts to ensure the safety of the people.

Abdullah also said the international community's support was necessary to strengthen security forces and said Afghanistan still needs the aid.‎

The CEO said that at the moment security forces engaged in military operations are well coordinated.

"Because of Afghanistan people's strength and capacity and the brave Afghan sons, our country is being defended," said Abdullah.

He went on to say the enemies had hoped to collapse the government but they failed.

During the ceremony the new NDS care-taker Masoum Stanikzai spoke about the current challenges ahead of Afghan security forces.

"There are lots of challenges ahead of us, there are big challenges and there is the need for full unity of Afghan armed forces and today all the forces are working closely with each other," said Stanikzai.

"Those who martyred our defenseless people and changed our country to ruins and those who want to fight with us and martyr our soldiers and officers they are our enemies," said Abdullah Habibi the MoD care-taker.