Thu, Oct

Govt to Present a 4-Year Economic Reform Strategy at Brussels Summit: Hakimi


Eklil-Ahmad-RahimiFinance Minister Eklil Ahmad Hakimi said Friday that government will present a four-year economic reform strategy to its key allies during a NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels next week.

The reform strategy is aimed to keep the flow of international financial and political cooperation aid to Afghanistan in years to come, he said, but amid mounting international pressure on the Afghan government to define a comprehensive economic policy, fight corruption and improve good governance.

NATO ministerial meeting is scheduled on 19th and 20th of May in Brussels in which the alliance will review its mission in Afghanistan and asses international financial and political support to Afghanistan.

Back in 2012, the international community reaffirmed their commitment to Afghanistan. But asked the Afghan government to take key steps to bolster good governance at national and sub national levels which are essential for strong and sustainable economic development in order to improve the livelihoods of the Afghans in general.

Through the framework of the Tokyo conference, both the Afghan government and the international community reaffirmed their bilateral partnership in the economic growth and development of Afghanistan through a process of mutual accountability.

"We hope that NATO reaffirms another long term political commitment and extends their financial cooperation until 2020," Hakimi said.

NATO convenes the ministerial meeting at a critical moment where the Afghans are still facing numerous challenges on the political, economic and security spheres as Taliban remain intent on waging war and disrupting the nation's socioeconomic development.

"The reform programs which are outlined by the national unity government over the past two years will be shared with our international partners. We will define a four year strategy to international friends," he said.

"International community needs to stay alongside Afghanistan to ensure global stability. I think Afghanistan will gather momentum in the summit and it will succeed in attracting international cooperation," civil society activist Aziz Rafayee said.

The latest development takes place at a time that NUG has been under constant pressure from the donors and its key allies to expedite the process of economic reforms, improve good governance and fight corruption.