Sun, Oct

Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation Introduced


Deputy-foriegn-minister-introducedMs. Adila Raz was introduced as the new Deputy Minister for Economic Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Sallahuddin Rabbani, Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Deputy Foreign Minister in Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha, Deputy Head of Administrative Office of the President Kamila Sidiqi, Directors, and some ministry staff participated during this occasion.

At the outset, Deputy Head of Administrative Office of the President Kamila Sidiqi gave a reading of President’s message in relation to the appointment of Adila Raz as Deputy Foreign Minister in Economic Cooperation.

Afterwards, Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani congratulated Adila Raz for her new tenure and added, “As the diplomacy apparatus of the country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for following foreign policy goals and ensuring and defending the national interests. One of the important parts of our foreign policy is economic growth and investment. Therefore, the purpose of diplomacy is not only creating and extending bilateral or multilateral relations between states but also the growth of business organizations, investment, and regional and global services. The economic diplomacy finds its meaning in organizing bilateral and multilateral economic relations wtih states and regional and global organizations.

While delivering her speech, Deputy Minister for Economic Cooperation Adila Raz said, “I thank the leadership of the government and the Foreign Minister for their support and trust. My biggest goal is to work and serve for the prosperity and glory of Afghanistan.”