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Mohaqiq Marks International Telecoms Day In Kabul


Mohaqiq-16-May-2016Second deputy to CEO Mohammed Mohaqiq said on Tuesday that one of the key priorities of the ministry of telecommunications was the development of the use of fiber optics within the sector.

Addressing an event in Kabul to mark International Telecommunications Day, Mohaqiq said one of Afghanistan's greatest achievements in the past 15 years was that of the telecommunications industry.

As such the industry is worth in excess of $2.5 billion USD in the country.

He said that technology over the past twenty years has brought enormous changes to the lives of people and that it allows for instant communication between people.

He said however that Afghanistan needs to attract investment in this sector – especially as the private telecoms sector is one of the economic pillars of the country.

"Today one of our problems is the lack of job opportunities. But if the ministry of telecommunications invests in technology infrastructure it will create more job opportunities for the youth in the country ."

Without telecommunications technology in Afghanistan, the people and government would face huge challenges, he said.

But the telecoms sector also faces challenges – particularly with regards to security. "They are often under threat," he said.

"We have promised the telecoms industry that we will discuss their issues with the national security council," he added.

In conclusion he said the fiber optic program is a key plan moving forward and that Afghanistan needs to attract foreign investment in this regard.

He said the development of this sphere needs more focus and that he hopes in future fiber optics can be taken from Kabul to the provinces and districts.