Tue, Oct

We Will Destroy Terrorists, Ghani Warns Neighbors


Ghani-2Addressing members of local media outlets in Kabul on Wednesday, President Ashraf Ghani laid out his plan to destroy militants who infiltrate his country from neighboring nations, vowing to destroy those who continue to do so.

Ghani while urging closer ties with neighboring countries warned Afghanistan will eliminate all those insurgents coming from neighboring nations.

"We want close relations with neighboring countries, but not in exporting terrorism, but if they (neighbors) send us terrorists, we will kill them and eliminate them," Ghani said.

At the gathering, president Ghani asked Afghan youths to raise their voices against violence against women and the children and fight injustice.

Ghani expressed confidence in the war capabilities of the Afghan security forces, saying that Afghan forces are keeping enough potential to fight the enemies of the nation on the battlefields with courage and determination.

"The security and defense forces have the capacity of defending this sacred land forever," he said.

Although he did name any country over its link to terrorism, analysts say that Pakistan has always been blamed for supporting insurgency and terrorism in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a number of military experts have hailed Ghani's remarks on the insurgency.

"The president's resolute stance on militancy will support the high morale of the security forces and it also sends clear signals to neighboring countries that the Afghan government is resolute in fighting terrorism and it will destroy the terrorists," said Mirdad Khan Nejrabi, head of parliament's internal security commission.