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Blind Teacher Calls On People To Treat The Blind Kindly

blind-teacherHamayoun Azizi, a blind teacher, has called on the public to treat blind children with compassion.

Azizi, who has a degree in Dari literature, is also a poet and a champion of the blind, and says blind children should not be underestimated but should be provided with special education by government.
Azizi writes poems about issues affecting the blind and has learned English and computer skills in India. He now works as a teacher at a high school for the blind.
"We faced lots of bitterness in society; we saw a lot of pain, now I want to sign all those pains in the format of poems," said Azizi.
Azizi said he was six years old when his parents told him he was blind.
"I was very small and very silly and always playing outside with other children. But I would always fall and I couldn't understand why the other children didn't fall. That's when they told me I could not see, that I was blind. At that moment I thought this is the end of the world and everything ended," Azizi added.
He said that a collection of his poetry has been published with the help of friends and soon his second collection of poems will be published.