Thu, Oct

NSC Slams Pakistan's Border Policy, Urges Diplomacy



The National Security Council (NSC) on Wednesday slammed Pakistan's border violations at the Torkham gate and said it was against international laws.

national-security-councileThey have however called for a resolution to be found through diplomatic channels. They also praised the Afghan security forces for their bravery.
Meanwhile, prominent Afghan political leaders and members of parliament, in a meeting with leaders of the national unity government, expressed their support for the Afghan security forces who retaliated over what they called an invasion by Pakistan of Afghan soil.
As tensions mount over the clashes, a number of legal experts have asked government to file a complaint with the United Nations against Pakistan.
Skirmishes broke out between Afghan security forces and Pakistani troops on Saturday. This is the first major incident in which Afghan security forces have retaliated against military attacks by Pakistani forces.