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Kabul's Brave Firefighters Who Clean Up After Deadly Attacks


For Kabul's fire department staff, work is no easy task – especially as part of their job is to clean up blast scenes in the city.
It is these brave and dedicated men who are faced with the grim reality of the immediate aftermath of any such incident.

Quick to respond, they are on the scene as soon as victims have been removed. They then clean up the scene - most times having to use their pressurized fire hoses to wash away the blood, following the likes of Saturday's deadly bombing.
It is these men who ensure as much evidence of such attacks is cleared away as quickly as possible.
Kabul firemen range in age, with some having been on the job for 30 years.
Speaking to TOLOnews they said that collectively they have hundreds of stories to tell – and countless memories that paint the horrors of violence that has wracked Afghanistan for so many years.
According to Abdul Azim Oryakhail, operational head of the general directorate of incidents: "I have seen those who shouted and who have fallen into blood. I will not forget those memories. I also saw a man in Dehmazang blast that was injured and was calling for help. He was screaming as his two brothers were martyred in the attack."
"I picked up a woman in an incident. Her head was separated from her body and she had a child in her arms," said Mohammad Shafiq, a medic at the department.
"After seeing so much blood and pieces of bodies, I could not eat once for one week and I was shocked for a long time," said Noor Agha, a member of the fire department.
This dedicated group of men are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and their greatest hope is for violence and insurgency to end in the country.