Mon, Oct

Deputy Foreign Minister meets with Deputy British Ambassador to Kabul


Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation Mrs. Adela Raz met with deputy British Ambassador to Kabul Mr. Richard Moon in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this afternoon.

 In this meeting, both sides discussed the economic and trade progress and achievements of Afghanistan in the last fifteen years and especially the reforms and functions in the previous two years and security problems and challenges in this section, regional economic cooperation especially with neighboring countries, economic and political importance and strategic location of Afghanistan, further expanding and consolidating political, economic, and diplomatic relations with the region and the world, increasing domestic products, export and import with the neighboring countries and taxes on them, re-studying the large mining projects for transparency and capacity purpose and the High role of international companies in investment and mining sectors.
 Meanwhile, Mrs. Adela Raz also talked on the preparation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for Brussels international conference and asked for participation of the Britain’s high level delegation in mentioned conference.
 At the end, Mr. Richard stressed that his country will do any kinds of cooperation and possible endeavors in the field of political and economic development of Afghanistan.