Tue, Oct

More Women, Youth in Govt Under NUG


A clear development over the past two years under the National Unity Government has been the increase in women and youth in government.
The Kabul Municipality is one government institution that has seen a marked increase in the number of women and youth appointed to jobs.

afghan woman rcieved un peace awardMeanwhile, a number of these young people have stressed the need for more steps to be taken to further increase the presence of women and youth in government institutions.
Saha Hamdard is one of dozens of Afghan youths who have been appointed to the municipality. Hamdard was appointed to the policy coordination department of Kabul Municipality.
"We hope that government paves the way for Afghan girls to pursue their education inside and outside the country so that they can work in key government positions in the future," she said.
Several other women were also hired in some key posts at the institution.