Mon, Oct

Professional cadres needed for implementation of Trans-Hindukush road, Massoud


Chaired by special envoy to President on reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud, the leading body’s session for trans-Hindukush road project was held yesterday.

 In the session, minister of public works briefed related to work development of the project, saying that work on the first and second parts such as environmental, social, clearing and engineering work have been completed, while other parts of the project would be delivered to cabinet session for approval.
Minister of public works added that according to the timetable, the project would be completed in seven years with total amount of $ 250 million funded by Asian Development Bank.
Minister of public works also reported of reconstruction project of 86km of Salang road (Jabal-ul-Seraj – Khinjan), adding that tender process for employment of a company has begin.
Related to construction of a new Salang tunnel, minister of public works asserted that employment of a company for studying and reviewing the new tunnel with 12 km length has begun and would be completed in three coming years.
After hearing report and stressing on importance of implementation of the project, special envoy to president on reforms and good governance said for better implementation of the project, professional individuals should be appointed.
Meanwhile, special envoy to president stressed that meritocracy and transparency should be considered in employment of employees.