Sat, Oct

‘AGO is an independent organ, its work is completely impartial and professional’, President Ghani


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated in 4th conference of Afghanistan attorneys titled ‘Towards an Afghanistan without corruption and violence against women’.

In the conference held yesterday at presidential palace, the country’s attorney general Mohammad Farid Hamidi praised the President for his decisive, friendly and all-out supports from attorneys said that such supports would result in energizing their heart and self-confidence and have changed their hands to steely ones for exercising justice and law enforcement, maintaining justification and defending the rights and freedoms of the people.
“Unfortunately a report has recently released that Afghanistan has been identified as the third corrupt law-broken country in the world. As we have proved our commitment and intention towards counter corruption, if Allah willing, the first fair and transparent trial of hard corruption cases will be held  next week in judicial and counter heavy crimes and corruption center and it will be the first case of one of high-tanking attorneys”, Hamidi said.
He added that from now on all attorneys and prosecutors were tasked to expose the name and identity of anybody in any level who wanted to interfere, infiltrate and disguise justice from its channel so that the government of Afghanistan would prove that could prevent from law violation and crisis of law enforcement.
After hearing the speech of general attorney, President Ghani said that role of attorney general office among government’s executive organs was considered as heart in body; therefore, the heart’s health would result in work and activity of all the body and its sickness would cause failing all the system.
Addressing to the country’s attorneys, the country’s President said, “You are in front line of big effort and can play continued role in changing the country towards enforcement of law, transiency of system and good governance by fulfilling your key responsibility you have taken.”
Pointing to replacing cadres, changes and appointments in attorney general office, President Ghani addressed the country’s attorneys and said, “Go forward with bravery and boldness and do not scare in your work because the government and people are standing beside you and we will never leave you alone on this path.
At the end of his speech, the country’s President assured the people of Afghanistan of maintaining justice in the country and the murderers of the people would be punished, asking the people to refer to legal justice.