Tue, Oct

MoU on elimination of violence against women signed


Attorney General Office, Ministries of Education, and Higher Educations, Public Health and the Independent Local Organs have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on campaign to eliminate violence against women, during a meeting attended by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, at the Presidential Palace, a statement said Thursday.

Present at the ceremony, the First Lady, spoke about how to have a tranquil and sound society, said in order to have a save and sound society, there is a need to respect each other, under the teachings and orders of the holy Islam, said the statement. “The MoU was signed to help how to find effective ways to launch campaign for elimination of violence against women,” said Attorney General, Farid Hamidi. He said the government of Afghanistan was seeking to establish a tranquil atmosphere to help the entire Afghans, particularly women and children find themselves safe and tranquil. “The president calls violence against women a challenge and has firm commitment to fight for a tranquil and free of crime and violence society,” said the attorney general. In order to eliminate violence against women, there is a need to seek other ways like legislative, administrative, economic, social and cultural plans, beside justice and judicial trails, said Hamidi who reiterated that no one could grab or restrict the rights of men and women given by the Allah Almighty. According to him, respecting women was only an international commitment, but has deep root in the Afghan culture, history and perspectives. The main aim of the government of Afghanistan in fighting violence against women was to restore social justice for the entire people, families and would be an assurance to the households that their rights and freedoms were safe, said the statement.