Mon, Oct

‘Afghanistan has proper potentials for sustainable transport development’, President Ghani


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on first day of his visit to Turkmenistan participated and delivered speech in world conference on sustainable transport held in Ashkhabad under the chairmanship of UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon and with participation of a number of the world and regional countries’ leaders.

Delivering speech in the conference, President Ghani said, “We are offering our warm greetings and best wishes to friendly country of Turkmenistan, paying deep focus on sustainable transport and transit and appreciating you for successfully holding the conference and warm hospitality.
We are gathering here to insist on further cooperation and jointly working in this regard.” He stressed that the impact of transport on peace and investment on transport would change war zones to cooperation ones and the role of Afghanistan was key in this regard. “Turkmenistan has adopted big decisions of policy in various fields as well as taken overall steps for its implementation since 2014”, President Ghani said, adding that opening of Asia international railway of Atamurad –Imam Nazar (Turkmenistan) and Aqina (Afghanistan) was a big step towards opening a transit corridor for the region.
The country’s President further said that the world countries needed further investment through various ways and currently they have been in third phase of world transport infrastructures development. He asserted that investment process in this regard needed nearly 40 to 60 trillion USD for coming 20 years, which would one of the biggest and most important investments in the world. “Sustainable transport is a significant world development discussion for under-developed countries where plan, work, keeping and continuing of the process need a bigger change”, stressing that serious concentration should be paid on reaching to a sustainable transport.
 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani further said, “We should comprehend that we are in critical circumstances and key world relations and is very important in particular for the United Nations”, insisting that sustainable transport was not only for under-developed countries but also for other countries. The country’s President said that Afghanistan had proper potentials for sustainable transport development and regional connection and a green area for renovation and cooperation in various sections, adding that the potentials should be considered as regional and world visions.