Mon, Oct

Follow Up Session of Afghanistan and EU on Human Rights Dialogue


In light of cooperation between the Directorate of Human Rights and Women’s International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, a follow up session on EU’s human rights dialogue between the Afghan government and the representatives of the EU was held this morning at the European Union’s headquarter in Kabul.

The meeting was attended by officials of government entities, advisors of respective ministries, representatives of security organs, delegation of the independent human rights commission and representatives of many European countries.
At the outset, Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Deputy Foreign Minister talked about the objectives and significance of dialogue, considering the human rights’ dialogue a suitable opportunity for assessing those developments and impediments that put off the generalization and promotion of the basic issues of human rights in Afghanistan.
Mr. Karzai said that delivering reports to the supervisory bodies and mechanisms of the UN was one of the most important commitments of the Afghan government that was made in the Brussels’ Conference regarding the preservation of human rights values. He pointed out that Afghanistan had taken valuable measures and steps towards the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives.
Afterwards, Mr. Franz Michael Head of the European Union Delegation to Afghanistan said that holding talks and dialogue on human rights was a positive step towards institutionalization of human rights in Afghanistan, especially in respect of issues related to child support.
Meanwhile, government officials provided the participants in the meeting with information about the progress and achievements of the government entities with regard to the human rights issues that was agreed upon on the first of June of the current year.