Tue, Oct

President Ghani chairs cabinet session


Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the cabinet session was held Wednesday at the Presidential palace, his office said in a statement.

According to the statement, in the session, deputy of national Security Council suggested nomination of February 27 as ANDSF’s National Day to the session to honor bravery of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in defending the country, which was approved by the session. Afterwards, minister of economy briefed the session related to decision of the council of ministers’ economy committee in connection with timber of Kunar. The cabinet ordered that forest-cutting and timber smuggling abroad should be prevented, tasking the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock to prepare proper procedures in cooperation with ministries of economy and commerce and industries, local organs authority and environment protection authority for prevention of forest-cutting, timber smuggling and modality of using them for the country’s wood industry and tasked also MoI and NDS to prepare and execute a regular plan for prevention of timber smuggling abroad. Afterwards, minister of public health shared draft of establishing Afghanistan medical council and its relevant business plan with the session, which was approved in principle by the cabinet and tasked MoPH to accurate and finalize the draft. In the session, minister of urban development Sayed Sadat Mansour Nadiri delivered restitution of usurped areas of Mohajereen towns of Gospand Dara of Bagrami district of Kabul, Shaikh Misri of Surkhrud district and Qasimabad desert of Behsoud district of Nangarhar province to the session. After overall discussion, the session tasked Afghanistan land authority in cooperation with MoI, Kabul garrison and Nangarhar governor to adopt measure for taking back the usurped areas in the respective towns in three weeks. Meanwhile, ministries of urban development and refugees affairs and returnees, Afghanistan land authority and capital authorities were also tasked to review modality of distribution of lands in the respective towns to needy individuals and reported its results to presidential office. Afterwards, deputy minister of finance and administrative for foreign affairs presented the session draft of amendment of paragraph (a) and (b) of article 5th of the Charter of SAARC Development Fund, which was approved by the cabinet.