Thu, Oct

International Chamber of Commerce Office Inaugurates In Kabul


A branch of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) officially opened in Kabul on Thursday.

According to the agency, attended by some government officials, representatives of relevant organizations, foreign countries’ ambassadors, international organizations’ representatives, industrialists’ unions and national traders, the opening ceremony was held at the foreign ministry. During the opening ceremony, ICC Chairman said the aim of inaugurating this office was to attract foreign investments and cohesion of the private sector, the agency added. “We want to provide fields for foreign investment with the cooperation of Afghan government and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industrial associations,” said Mayel Aqa Khairkhah, chairman of ICC.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah called the beginning of the activities of the International Chamber of Commerce in Kabul vital, adding it will pave the way for drawing foreign investment in the country and will reinforces the ties between the private sectors of Afghanistan and the regional as well as international companies around the globe, the agency continued. In the meeting, the participants also spoke about paving the way for employment opportunities and offering good services for the Afghan people in different walks of life, the agency added. Furthermore, France ambassador to Kabul, ministers of economy, commerce and industries, political deputy of foreign affairs ministry and some other officials spoke in the meeting.