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The moments of pride


Afghans are peace lovers and that is the reason that till now they have never been ruled for longer time.

Celebrating the 98th independence day in Kandahar 3

They are brave nation that is always sacrificing for their country and giving their blood for its freedom and respect. This year Afghans celebrated their 98th independence day with very special programs. Youths came out with Afghans flags, government officials arranged security for them and raised Afghans flags for the pride feeling, kids celebrated it in schools.

Kandahar was one of the provinces that celebrated the Independence Day with very special plans. The youths came out to the roads with the flags of Afghanistan and they were singing and listening the national songs. People were happy and they were celebrating this day with music, happiness and peace. The Kandahar government officials brought flowers to the main square of Kandahar, Sheeda-no-Chok, and showed their respect to all martyred soldiers and people that sacrificed for the freedom of Afghanistan. They said that Afghanistan is one of the bravest nations in the world who fought for the freedom during last 40 years.

The Kandahar governor Zulmai Wesa said that Afghans defeated the world’s strongest power 98 years ago and got the independence and influenced other nations to rise against powers and get their independence. He said that Afghans are still fighting for their pride and this time they are fighting with international terrorism and he believes that as usually, Afghans will win this war too.

Kandahar governor General Zulmai Wesa added, “Afghans will defeat this international terrorists too as they have defeated other super powers of the world. We are strong when we are united so I want from all Afghan nation to be united and stand together against the enemy, so no one can defeat. Afghans are always inspiring nation to others because they always encouraged others to fight for their freedom and stand for the independence.”

Other security officials of 205 Hero Corps and 404 Police Zone also encouraged people to be united and help their security forces so they can fight for the bright future of this country. They said that Afghans will never forget the sacrifices of Afghan national security forces that lost their lives for this country. They said that reason of achieving the freedom from Great Britain was the unity. They asked Afghans to live in peace and be united.

The tribe’s leaders and locals of Kandahar say that King Amanullah Khan is the real hero of freedom for Afghanistan and they believe that he had inspirational personality. That’s why people love him and respect his believes and the thoughts that he had for the bright future of Afghanistan. They say that Afghans are brave enough to defeat the current enemies of Afghanistan as they have defeated great powers of the world.

Tribe’s leaders said that Afghans are peace lovers and they never want to live under someone else’s control. They asked the people to live in peace and to be united against every enemy of Afghanistan. They also asked the Taliban to come back home and stop killing people.

This year the Independence Day was celebrated in all provinces and people showed great receptiveness. People thanked security forces that they had good security in all provinces on Independence Day.