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Ministry of counter narcotic is trying to safe addicts from cold weather


addictsThe Ministry has lunched night monitoring on drug addicts who are gathering in some part of Kabul. MCN is trying to gather addicts and bring them to  treatment centers.

MCN reduction department in cooperation with Ministry of public health states that overnight survey shows that more than 800 drug addicts are passing their cold nights under some bridges in Kabul. 

 This Supervision is launched between 6pm till nidnight, shows that more than 800 addicts are gathering under Sokhta bridge, Kheshti bridge, Shah Do Sahmser bridge, Artal Bridge, most of them are leaving these areas after drug use. but the rest is passing all nights with no shelter under bridges.

The main gathring place Pol-e Sokhta,  located at west of Kabul city, became the center of drug trafficking. Addicts are coming from near and far areas even decent and orderly persons are joining for the drugs.
Its reported that even an 18 years old addicted girl is joining some nights till morning for using drug.

According to the Committee appointed by the Centers for Addicts Treatment capacity of about 110 beds, which is only a 14 bed empty.

Ministry of counter narcotic is trying safe addicts at under bridges from cold weather and carry them to safe and rescue centers for treatment.