Sun, Oct

Number of Industrial factories doubled in Balkh


mohammad-hashim-barnaThe number of industrial factories had been doubled compared to the past Afghan calendar year in northern Balkh province, an official said on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Dr. Mohammad Hashim Barna, the commerce and industries department head in Balkh, said Mazar-i-Sharif has achieved the status on the kind of central city of northern zone, where industrial factories getting flourished.

According to the market demand, the number of industrial plants has been doubled as compared to the past Afghan calendar year, he added.
Barna said: “The number of industrial factories was 150 at the end of 2012, while that strength rose to 380 now,” saying most of the factories were producing soap, shampoo, washing powder, oil and plastic materials.
Earlier, 300 railway bogies of commercial goods were being imported to the province, while the number had dropped to 200 bogies this year.  

Additionally, there was 10 percent increase in export of commercial goods from Balkh through Hairatan port abroad this year. 
Presently, his department was working on a plan to encourage industrial factories to produce high quality products, which would be effective from April 2014, he promised. 
In response to a question, Barna said the problems concerning import and export of goods through Hairatan port were already resolved.

He added up to 200 railway bogies of commercial goods such as oil, food items and construction materials were being imported to the province daily, while the exporting materials such as fresh and dried fruits, carpets and vegetables.
Barna said they had taken measures to resolve problems together with Uzbekistan consulate and the governor house.