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Reporting to ANSF saved the 4 year old child


Lashkar Gah Central Police Chief Major Jan Agha Dawari praised the locals’ cooperation that enabled police to save the child’s life.Afghan National Security Forces recently rescued a 4 year old boy from kidnapers in Helmand province.

Saving the young child’s life was a result of cooperation between local residents and the Afghan National Police.
Major Jan Agha Dawari, Chief of Central Police Zone in Lashkar Gah city praised locals for reporting crimes and violent activities to security forces.

“Insurgents were trying to kidnap a 4-year-old boy in Safyan village, which is located in our unit’s area of operations. The minute the local residents reported the case, we started to act. Our forces successfully intervened and prevented the kidnapping,” Major Dawari said.

Thanks to police efforts, father and son are together again“We don’t know where the kidnappers would have taken the child. But without the prompt help of the local people we might have lost this boy forever,” Major Dawari added.
Faizullah, the father of the young boy, is thankful to the ANSF for saving his son’s life. He is happy that the criminals are now in the hands of law.

“We as a community should show that we don’t tolerate any insurgent activity. I thank all the citizens who helped the police and I thank the security forces who acted without delay. Together we all have to fight against crimes and violence,” Faizulla said.

Recently in Lashkar Gah city another insurgent activity was reported to ANSF by the local residents that resulted in a successful ANSF operation. Security forces were able to stop three insurgents who were trying to conduct a suicide attack in the city. All three armed insurgents were killed before they reached their target.

These cases show that support of the people is the key to the success of ANSF. Reporting suspicious activities to the security forces enables security forces to mount successful operations and save many innocent lives.