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Locals support ANDSF and GIRoA


people-support-1Tribal elders, religious clerics and civil society members recently gathered in Behsud district, Nangarhar, to affirm their support to the ANDSF and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In return, Mohammad Sediq Dawlatzai, District Governor of Behsud, thanked them for their support. “It

is due to the respected religious clerics and tribal elders’ support that security is improving, and the development projects are being implemented,” Mr. Dawlatzai said. “Without your participation and consultation, it is difficult to complete development projects in your communities. We all know that without cooperation in maintaining security, none of this would be possible. Thank you for your continuing support.”

Participants expressed pride in the strength of the ANDSF for conducting security operations independently across the province and the country.

“In the recent months, our security forces demonstrated their ability to protect our people from the insurgents’ malicious attacks and provided better security in the country,” Mawlawi Omargul, one of the participants, said. “This makes everyone in our country proud.”

Mawlawi Omargul urges all Afghans to thank the Almighty Allah that the years of instability are behind us, and now we have an elected government and a capable ANDSF. “It is our religious duty to support our government and our security forces. Prosperity and stability will follow when they are strong.”

Tribal elder, Mohammad Saleem, called on to those who are deceived by the insurgents to put an end to violence and invest their efforts in developing their country. “Insurgency brings destruction, misery and illiteracy. If you call yourself true Muslims, then stop killing your innocent brothers and sisters. Don’t be puppets in the hands of strangers who hired you to destroy your home. Don’t make your mother a widow by your own hands.”

Participants of the gathering also expressed their commitment to fight against corruption. A tribal elder from Behsud, Malik Walayat Khan, told the gathering, “The best way to support our country is to cooperate with the government. There are billboards installed in front of the government buildings with contact numbers. We must play our role and report any wrongdoing or any suspicious activity to the authorities.”

“If we fulfil our duties to report what goes on in our district, then the government can respond and deliver better services to our people,” Malik Walayat Khan said.