Tue, Jul

26 Infrastructure Projects Completed in Kunar Province


KunarAt a cost of AFN 39,578,448 funded by the National Solidarity Programme of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) including 10% community contribution 26 development projects were recently completed in Nurgal, Narang and Sarkani districts of Kunar province.

According to MRRD/NSP Provincial Manager in Kunar province, these development projects include the construction of a retaining wall 1,197 meters in length, an irrigation canal, a 3,485-meter rural road, a 4,301-meter footpath, 116 lavatories, a 1,2438-meter water supply network and excavation of 54 shallow wells. Approximately, 3,656 families gained access to basic services upon completion of these projects.

Since its inception in Kunar province, MRRD/NSP has disbursed AFN 2,001,150,014 for implementation of 2,085 uplift projects in various sectors such as transport, water and sanitation, irrigation, power, livelihoods, education, etc. Thousands of residents of Kunar province have benefited from these projects so far.