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Increasing Stability and Security


anp-graduation-in-parwanParwan Police Training Centre celebrated its thirty-fourth graduation event, where 305 newly and qualified soldiers received their graduation certificates. Over the eight-month training course, the police learned the about the constitution, human rights, and the proper use of weapons to prevent civilian casualties.

Brigadier General Jawid Beheshti, Deputy of the Education Centre in the Ministry of the Interior, said the graduation of 305 police from Parwan Police Training Centre is a significant achievement that will increase security and stability in the country. “Faithfully execute your duty and you shall win the trust of the people. Success is measured by the trust of those we serve,” General Beheshti told the graduates.

Colonel Zeyaurrahman Sayed Khaili, Parwan’s security chief, congratulated the graduation of 305 soldiers. “The Afghan National Police, along with other security forces, are strong and professional enough to protect our people and our country, with dignity and professionalism,” he said. “We are ready to stand and fight against any group that opposes the Afghan government and our people.”

Ahmed Fawad proudly wears his newly earned ANP uniform and says he is ready to serve in any manner his country requires him. “I will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to safeguard peoples’ lives and property. Our training was intensive and now with confidence, I’m ready to face any challenge.” General Paiman, the Commander of Parwan Police Training Center, expressed his satisfaction with this training class, and more than five thousand graduates before them. “E

ach graduating class of professional police is an important achievement for the Ministry of Interior. We have ensured these soldiers have undergone rigorous training and education so they can successfully play their role in securing the country,” he continued. “With the graduation and deployment of these 305 police, our security forces are reinforced by the best trained and equipped police who bring high morale to the fight against our enemies.”

Standing united against any threat to our people is the foremost duty of Afghan National Police. The Parwan Police Training Centre continues to provide superior training and education to our ANP, and with each graduating class, the hopes of the enemies of peace are shattered.