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Afghan Special Forces strike fear to the insurgents


andsf-sieze-cacheAfghan Special Forces (ASF) conduct operations to destroy insurgents and their destructive tactics. Each Special Forces soldier is highly trained and equipped, together forming a formidable opponent against every threat the insurgents pose.

Recently, a team of our ASF warriors conducted an operation in Kundi Village, located north of Khost City, seizing different explosives and Taliban’s propaganda materials. Most significantly, unused suicide vests were captured before they could be used to terrorize innocent people going about their daily business.

Habibullah Afshar, Commander of Afghan Special Forces, told Sada-e Azadi their operation was based on intelligence reports and was pleased to rid the village of these destructive items. “What you see here is a depot of explosives and propaganda materials. Our forces seized explosive materials used in suicide vests. This is a significant loss to the enemy,” he said. “Armed insurgents want to use these materials to kill innocent people.”

Local residents are very happy with this success of the ANDSF because they have seen insurgents’ disregard for innocent lives and indiscriminate killings by suicide bombers. explosive-divices-1

Haji Sayed Khan, a local resident of Kundi Village, was relieved the ANDSF removed the destructive materials from the village and prevented a tragedy. “Our security forces have been vastly strengthened and defused many dangerous explosive materials. Our people’s lives and minds have been rescued today, and we will always support our ANDSF without hesitation,” he said.

Afghan Special Forces continue to strike the heart of the enemy with the dagger of courage and determination. Each successful operation rescues more innocent families and villages from the oppressive intimidation of insurgents. “Our Afghan Special Forces have placed themselves at the forefront of battles to protect our country, our people and our religion,” Haji Sayed Khan said.