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" I am proud that i joined the ANA."


Service to our nation and the protection of our families inspire thousands of men and women from every region of our country to wear the uniform of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Sada-e-Azadi interviewed Sergeant Gulmaluk, a member of the ANA’s 201 Selab Corps' 1st Brigade Artillery Unit. The unit is responsible for supporting the security forces along Jalalabad-Kabul Highway and the surrounding areas.

Sada-e-Azadi: What encouraged you to join the ANA?
Sergeant Gulmaluk: Security is the most important aspect of life for our people. It is a sense of pride for an Afghan to serve our people and defend the country. When I graduated from 12th grade I resolved to join the ANA to fulfil my wish of protecting the integrity of my country, and take part in the proud tradition of serving our people. Now, I am much respected in my neighbourhood because I have the honour of being a member of the ANA.

I love this job!

Sada-e-Azad: What improvement do you see in the professionalism and equipment of the ANA since you joined?
Sergeant Gulmaluk: Thanks to Almighty Allah, the ANA is getting stronger each day. We have heavy weapons and the support of the air force, and we are receiving professional training that improves our operational capabilities and coordination. We appreciate the cooperation and support of the international community because day by day their support helps us move forward. Morale is high among my fellow soldiers. They are demonstrating their strength every day by defeating the enemies of peace and preventing them to spread misery to our people. Our people are firmly on our side because they witness the progress the Army has made possible, and this is irreversible.

Sada-e-Azadi: What role does an individual soldier play in the security of our nation?
Sergeant Gulmaluk: I fight against those who do not want peace in our country. It is my goal to serve and protect my people. These people have had enough of the burden of war. The security that the ANA provides allows economic development and prosperity in our country. Each soldier is a role model for our people, carving a path to a peaceful way of life.

Sada-e-Azadi: What is your message to the youth considering joining the ANA?
Sergeant Gulmaluk: It is a great opportunity to take an active role in rebuilding our country. Defending the nation and providing security to the people is an honour, I therefore, call upon the youth of our country to seize this opportunity and claim this honour. When they join the army, they get more than a job. They now have the means to support their family; they receive a most valuable education and obtain professional skills. And they live a life respected by the nation. The Army is an institution and a school that empowers you to achieve great things in life.