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The ANA Medical Professionals


ana-medicesThe enhanced medical evacuation capabilities and improved health facilities of the Afghan National Army (ANA) are saving and treating our soldiers who defend the country and ensure security for their countrymen. Sada-e-Azadi visited 201 Selab Corps 4th Brigade Garrison Clinic where soldiers are provided with health care services in times of need.

Colonel Abdul Qayom Gurbaz, the 201 Selab Corps 4th Brigade Garrison Commander, spoke highly about the improved medical capabilities of the ANA. "The ANA is equipped with modern medical facilities and has improved medical evacuation capabilities, ensuring our soldiers can be confident in the ANA medical treatment and our highly-trained surgeons and doctors."
Col. Gurbaz continued, "Whenever soldiers step onto the battlefield, they are accompanied by professionally trained and well equipped medical teams. We deploy medics to even the smallest posts because the health of our soldiers is paramount." Every medical unit consists of an ambulance and is staffed by doctors, medics and surgeons. "Each soldier should know the best medical care system in the nation is watching over them," Col. Gurbaz said.
He added, "The international community provided us modern medical facilities, equipment, and professional training that allowed rapid improvements in our medical capabilities. Each soldier must know the ANA and their international partners’ prioritized medical treatment for them. Any soldier injured can be transported from even the most remote area and receive treatment more efficiently than any time in the past. "
The ANA medical evacuation teams are also dedicated to save and treat civilians. "We are the ANA, and we are always ready to defend, protect and help our people. At the time of any natural disaster or terrorist attack, our teams are on alert to assist the civilian victims," Col. Gurbaz explained. "Our medical evacuation teams stand ready to provide first aid, medicine and treatment in the most remote areas."
Dr. Muhibullah Rahmani Sapay, who works at the 201 Selab Corps 4th Brigade Clinic stated that every day the ANA personnel receive health services. "Over time, our capabilities and professionalism has greatly improved. Now we have facilities such as a laboratory, a pharmacy, a dentist, X-ray capabilities, and a surgery section. This means we have facilities to deliver essential health services to our brave ANA personnel. Additionally, with helicopters and ambulances we can transport those in need of health care better than ever before."
ANA Seargent Ainullah praised the medical teams for providing him treatment. "Anytime we are sick or injured; the medical teams provide us with professional service."
Another soldier of the 201 Selab Corps 4th Brigade, ZiaratGul said, "I appreciate the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for taking care of our health. After joining the ANA, I became healthier due to daily exercises, eating good food and improved health services. I am confident that our government will continue to take great care of us."
Friends and families of brave ANA soldiers can rest assured that their loved ones have access to the best medical treatment in the world as they bravely stand as a shield for our nation.