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Bamiyan Hosts Its 6th Annual Skiing Championships


skiThe 6th Annual Bamiyan Skiing Championships was held in Afghanistan's central province these past two days with dozens of foreign and local skiers competing. ‎

The two day event has been widely hailed inside and outside the country especially as foreign skiers are showing an interest in visiting the historical province for tourism purposes and skiing.

Meanwhile, local officials and organizers of the event have said that they are working to boost the sport in the country alongside other sports played in Afghanistan.
Foreign skiers attending the event have expressed surprise over the remarkable growth of the sport in the province.
Bamiyan which is well known around the world for its cultural heritage and history is now trying to attract international skiers from across the world in an attempt to revive tourism and boost national income.

The ski competition initially started in Bamiyan six years ago and the sport has gradually developed among men and women in the province with six ski clubs now active.
Foreign skiers have said they are hoping to visit Bamiyan every year in the future.
"I had heard a little bit about the first ski competition in Bamiyan in which only a few skiers participated, but now it has gained many supporters, I always visit the area for skiing alongside my friends and children," a French skier in Bamiyan said.

Meanwhile, head of Bamiyan information and culture department Kabir Dadras who is also a big fan has said that he participates in the sport to encourage others. He called on government to invest in this sector as it can be a good source of developing tourism industry and boosting local economies.
"I also ski to encourage the people. Today there is good opportunities in Bamiyan to further promote sports. But lack of facilities and equipment needed for skiing has made it hard to remove obstructions in the way of the sport," he said.
Overall 83 male and female skiers participated in the two day event including two male skiers who have qualified for the 2017 South Korea skiing championships.
"We are prepared to help our skiers with the locations they recommend to us for skiing, but according to our ability, we are determined to attract cooperation from foreign companies which can help us organize the event with the participation of thousands of local and foreign skiers in years to come," Bamiyan governor Tahir Zuhair said.

Local skiers Fatima Hedayat and Shah Agha won the first positions in their category.
"We call on the government to provide us facilities and not to only give us awards. We are facing serious problems in this field, if government helps us, we are able to make it to the international skiing championships," Fatima said.